In and Out of the Xiamen Airport

Xiamen airport first steps...

You would be landing on the Xiamen International Airport where you would do common travel formalities just like you do in most of your travels, there’s not much difference - checking out, custom clearances, baggage claims, and others.

xiamen airport

Have a Visa?

If you arrived in the Xiamen airport without a visa, you could try to apply “over the counter” at the Entry and Exit desk on the ground floor. This visa is applicable only to selected countries or nationalities; check that out with the Chinese consulates or embassies in your home country before you leave. And don’t forget that this visa is for short-stays only and has travel restrictions within Xiamen. I suggest you get a longer visa from where you came from, this is for the unexpected, who knows, you might meet “contacts” and need to stay longer.

After checking out

xiamen airport taxi stand

Once you’re done checking out of the Xiamen airport, look around. Look out for hotel signboards, bellboys or hotel representatives stationed in the airport and ask about your hotel (if you have a booking in advance). If somebody is picking you up, then we suppose he or she is familiar with the place.

If you are going on a solo tour and nobody picking you up, WATCHOUT! for taxi drivers or strangers asking you to take their cab, that ride would be the most expensive ride of your life. You should instead be falling in line out of the airport's taxi stand. Try not to lose track of the other passengers you took your plane with, most of them have visited Xiamen or "probably" have visited this site for info before the trip ; )

Take a free ride to the city

xiamen airport bus stand


There's a free ride offered by the Xiamen airport but if you feel doing it on your own here's a workaround - you could save some extra bucks and enjoy a FREE ride, this has worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too:

Look for a hotel representative (of your choice) in the airport, pretend to be their hotel customer and tell them to count you in for the shuttle bus ride back to the hotel. Again, always keep it cool - that's your FREE ticket and most safest ride to the city - "First Class!".

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