Xiamen Art Theaters
(Zhongshan park)

xiamen art theater in fujian china orchestra in concert, 厦门艺术影院, x이암언 예술 극장, xiamen kunsttheater

Have you ever been to the Xiamen art theaters?
Music concerts, exhibitions, conferences and other art-related activities, you'll find them in the art theaters, too.
The locals and expats flock to the theaters on special ocassions. Some prominent local and visiting orchestras from abroad perform in the art theater, sometimes sponsored by the local government, and at times sponsored by certain public and private institutions.


I personally find the art theater blends well with Zhongshan Park as the Zhong shan park has some form of artistic classical beauty in "chemistry" with that of the Xiamen art theater - a mixture of Chinese classical and modern environmental architecture which completes the attraction.
Below are some places near the park and the art theater.

Places of interest near the theater:

  • Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Xiamen
  • the Zhongshan public park
  • Zhong Shan road
  • the First Hospital
  • Xiamen Public Notary
  • an underpass
  • a supermarket
  • KFC
  • the Xiamen Cultural Bureau
  • other newly-built residentials and commercial buildings

    Popular Bus Routes: 32, 8, 99


    If you are an expat or a local hire, check out with your Human Resource department as to how you could have a discount or get a FREE ticket to some musicals at the Xiamen art theater. Sometimes there are special promotions being done by certain institutions (examples are product endorsements being done by public and private companies). These institutions may at times affiliate with your companies or organizations and you may just need your employee badge to act as an entrance ticket.

    Try to spend a trip to the theater and enjoy time-out with your family and friends. You may even meet new friends and important networking connections over there, you just don't know who.
    And don't forget that music has no language boundaries, take time to bathe with music and art, it might heal something within you and your stays in Xiamen...

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