Xiamen Bookstore Review

Years ago, there were only a number of Xiamen bookstores which sell English titles with prices way too much compared with those of the original prices of the book, abroad.
Now, the story is different, you can see lots of famous international book publishers doing business in the Mainland. Although this is the "trend" right now, here, the Xiamen bookstores still don't have that much English titles to offer compared abroad.

When you're in, one thing you will notice in the racks, is that there are more quantities of IT-related English covers compared with other book categories. So if you're working in IT, you're in luck. The reason "might be" that there are more locals interested in Computing that's why they're stacking on the IT category.
Try to inquire with the bookstore info desk, and ask whether they accept orders, they might be able to get your favorite book from one of their suppliers.

Well, even if you're not in luck looking for your favorite book in the Xiamen bookstores, they are still worth visiting.
My favorites are:

knowledge bookshop xiamen

  • The Knowledge Bookshop - located close to the new Sheraton hotel and the SM shopping mall. This bookstore has a mini-bar up in the second floor where you could "get" any book from the racks, order a drink, sit down and "slip away".

    Address: Jia He road (across the new Sheraton hotel)
    Popular Public Bus Routes:18, 108, 105

  • Xin Hua Foreign Language Bookstore - located in ZhongShan road and has a number of other branches within the city, one of the best Xin Hua branch I've been to is the Xin Hua across Guo Mao Da Sha (The former International Trade and Investment Exhibition Center located in Hu Bin South Road).

    Address:ZhongShan road
    Popular Public Bus Routes: 27, 1, 32, 45

xin hua zhongshan bookstore english sign

*Note: Remember to inquire at the bookstore counters if they offer a bookstore member card (sometimes they call it a VIP card) before you purchase a book. You need this card to be able to get some discounts on your future book purchases and also don't forget to let them count-in your first book purchase, when you are able to get that discount card at that time.

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