Xiamen City Facts and Figures
Brief History / Acronyms

LOCATION: Xiamen city is located across the Taiwan straits within the Fujian province. The city is around 1560 sq. km.

LANGUAGE: Mandarin is the standard dialect, while the local dialects are Fukien or Min Nan. English is getting more popular.

CURRENCY: Chinese Renminbi

TEMPERATURE: Average of 10 to 37 C


OTHER NAME: Amoy (Amoi) -is another Chinese word form which is spoken in the Fukien province such as the dialects Min, Fukien, Fukkianese, Hokkianese and Taiwanese.


Police: 110
Fire Department: 119
Hospital emergency ambulance: 120
Consumer complaints: 12315
Telephone Directory Service: 114

Important Historical Personalities

Zheng Chenggong - “Koxinga” or “Coxinga” (Western name) – a Ming Dynasty admiral who fought a nine-month war against the Dutch colonizers. Koxinga captured in the year 1661 part of Taiwan from the Dutch and the southern coast of China population was evacuated in 1662 to to serve as a stronghold against his raids in the war.

Koxinga led Ming dynasty loyalists and fighters against the invading Qing dynasty. He also sent forces to attack the Qing within the areas of Fujian and Guangdong provinces at that time.


chinese classical wall koxinga xiamen city moon cake wall

  • Fujian or Fukien
  • Qing Dynasty
  • Ming Dynasty
  • Guangdong

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