Xiamen Cyber City

The Xiamen Cyber City (or as others may call it as the Electronics City) photos showcase below areas inside and outside the computer malls.
There are a number of buildings which house this cyber city and the newest one is the Da Zheng computer stores/building (please see below photo album).
It has air conditioning and the outlets are not that scattered compared with that of the original main Electonics City building just close to the Da Zheng.
The main convenience that the Da Zheng offers is its escalators which take you up and down through different floors offering computer software, hardware and peripherals name brands as well as 'generic' ones.
Some examples are Sony Vaio, Asus, Samsung, FoxConn, TPLINK, LinkSys and many others.

da zheng computer stores
cyber city computers xiamen china
xiamen cyber city computers.

What stuff are most commonly found in the Xiamen Cyber City?

There are hundreds of brands and you'll find almost all kinds of 'Geek' stuff here, and some of them are:

  • 2nd hand and brand new laptops such as Toshiba, Samsung, Asus, Dell, Benq, Acer and others.
    You may also find some laptops made locally.
  • Wireless Access Points (AP's) from TP-Link, Linksys, Netgear, Dlink and other locally made AP's.
  • Hubs, routers, switches.
  • Bluetooth, SATA, SAS components and converters
  • HDTVs, computer monitors, TV-Video converters
  • Optical media such as DVDR, DVDRW, CDR, CDRW
  • Desktop computer chassis, laptop parts, motherboards, pointing devices.
  • Bookstores, computer books (mostly in Chinese).
  • Laptop bags and accessories.
  • Desktop and laptop hard drives and other storage-related devices.
  • USB, Flash and other storage memories.
  • USB fans, lights and other little gadgets.
  • Computer tables

    You'll find almost what you need and grab what you want but take precautions and take a second look at items if they are genuine or not. Bring a 'magnifying glass' and wear your Holmes hat and do the best scrutiny as much as you can before spending the bucks and taking your favorite stuff home.

Shopping Tips

When you're in the Xiamen Cyber City time flies, and you'll find you are 'hooked' with her after the next trip back for shopping.
Here are some tips and tricks that we wanted to share with you on how to enjoy and save money at the Electronics City:
  • Don;t be shy to ask for discounts on items.
  • Hide valuables while shopping.
  • Park your vehicles where you can spot them while roaming around.
  • Learn how to verify the difference between genuine and counterfeit monies and double-check cash just right after the teller or seller hands over your change after an item purchase.
  • Get a receipt.
  • Leave your name cards to business establishments whom you can only trust.
  • Beware of counterfeit softwares and be prepared how to notice at a glance.
  • Test products before putting out money.
  • Make sure that the warranty cards are in the original packages before leaving the shop - the attendants would usually stick a date of purchase on the item you purchased. Warranties last from a year to 3 years and depends on the business establishments and name brands of the products. Usually, you may be able to return a defective product within 3 months after purchase.

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