Xiamen Hotel and Accommodation Reviews

This would be some sort of a Xiamen hotel and accommodation review, and I would be "reviewing" some personal favorites as well as recommending them. You could find more information by contacting the hotels directly and finding out if their service and hospitality by that one inquiry, would suit your personal travel needs.

Your choice of the hotel plays an important role in your stays at Xiamen. You need to consider several factors before you make that final decision - ex. safety, service, location, accommodation, food and communication (can the staff speak your language?). I am personally recommending the hotels below as I have actually "experienced" these hotels and so far have not yet been disappointed for some reason.
If you are already very excited, and in a hurry to review Xiamen hotels and the cheap deals, these Xiamen hotel deals might interest you first before reviewing my recommendations:Find the best deal, compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor

#1.) The Xiamen Mandarin Hotel in Huli

xiamen mandarin hotel in huli

The "natural environment" within the Mandarin Hotel in Huli attracts attention. There is even a man-made lake which is a nice setting while you jog, sit back and totally relax with the good hotel service.
Click here to learn more about the Mandarin Hotel in Huli

#2.) The Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Harbourview Hotel, Xiamen

xiamen holiday inn crowne plaza side view

The Holiday Inn Crowne is one of my favorites, as I have lived in the hotel for 3 "good" months when I used to work as a touring musician. The food is great and the employees are "warm, hospitable and natural". Try this hotel, and you'll know what I mean, and don't forget to send my regards to the hotel's General Manager, he might still be in need of a musician : ), or if you're a musician looking for work, tell the managers I sent you.
Click here to learn more about the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Harbourview

#3.) Ramada Hotel, Xiamen

xiamen ramada hotel

The Ramada Hotel in Xiamen has just undergone some "restructuring". You will notice the change from the "Rising" hotel to Ramada. I personally like Ramada, because of its location, it's located in one of Xiamen's best living areas. Ramada is one of those hotels in Xiamen that you should consider in your travel plans, this hotel is "rising" - put Ramada in your travel list.
Read what other travelers have to say about Ramada Xiamen OR
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#4.)The Sheraton Hotel Xiamen

xiamen sheraton hotel

The Sheraton hotel in Xiamen is still under construction and would be opening around February 2006. (This hotel has opened and is doing quite good).I was able to talk to the General Manager of this hotel last December 2004 and he mentioned that he would make sure that the Sheraton would be one of the best in Xiamen (if not the best). The future of the Sheraton in Xiamen is promising.
Click here to learn more about the Sheraton Xiamen hotel

#5.) The Min Nan Hotel, Xiamen

xiamen min nan hotel

Another personal favorite and popular Xiamen hotel is the Min Nan Hotel. We can classify it as one of the "first" hotels in Xiamen. If you want to see a bird's eye view of Bail Lou Zhou, Yuandang lake and its surroundings, this hotel is your "Eye Candy" source. It has a revolving restaurant at the top - get your "Eye Candy" here.
Click here to learn more about the Min Nan Hotel in Xiamen

#6.) The United Hotel, Xiamen

united hotel xiamen

This Xiamen hotel is another example of one of the "first" hotels in the city. The hotel is located within a good living environment which is excellent for your stays in the city.
Click here to learn more about the United Hotel in Xiamen

#7.) Lujiang Hotel, Xiamen

lujiang hotel xiamen

A "classical" hotel in Xiamen set in the city with traditional and modern environments overlooking Gulangyu Island.
Click here to learn more about the Lujiang Hotel in Xiamen

#8.) Home Inn, Xiamen

home inn xiamen

A budget hotel in Xiamen and has a good location in the city.
Click here to learn more about the Home Inn, Xiamen

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