Xiamen International Airport Photo Album

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Take a look at the Xiamen International Airport Photo Album we have collected for you above. The Xiamen International Airport in Xiamen, Fujian China, is one of the cleanest, "cute" and non-over-crowded airport we've experienced in South China. It is also well-organized and you could easily find your necessities at-a-glance.You will see that there are a number of places in and around the airport. Let's use our imagination for the meantime, and peek through the Xiamen International Airport Photo Album.

Places inside and near the Xiamen Airport:

  • Duty Free - most things are domestically produced, don't expect much stuff.
  • Coffee shop and restaurant inside - not much and expensive. Take snacks with you, as some flights (especially from Hong Kong or Macau) don't have the meals that you expect you could savor.
  • Public bus stations - if you want to take the public bus all you have to do is - exit the airport, turn left, walk straight until you see a colored waiting shed. Walk through the colored waiting shed and look out for the Xiamen Airport control tower. Walk pass the tower and if you find the Xiamen Airlines main office building, you'll be able to see the public buses just outside the HoneyWell company. The most popular bus route to the city are the number 27 and 37 buses.
  • Taxi stands - just outside the exit door. You would have to fall in line with the rest of the passengers. Do not fall for drivers sweet talking you out for a cheaper price, it's not "cheap" at all and it's not safe nor recommended! We're shouting that out again (Please see our tips and tricks upon landing the Xiamen Airport).
  • The Xiamen Airport hotel - a little bit far from the airport, though you can take a walk. Better, not to walk alone even if it's around 15 to 20 minutes by foot.
  • Dell computers - if you walk for DELL or visiting Dell, you could walk, take a bus or take a cab to the Dell office. It is only 8 minutes by cab and 20 to 25 minutes if you want to take off your shoes and walk toward it : )

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