The Xiamen Mandarin Hotel Huli

Xiamen Mandarin Hotel Huli, a favorite...

We had a company training recently in the hotel and I was satisfied with the service and the hotel environment, especially with the greenery within the hotel parameter which you could see by taking the free ride within the hotel - ask for Richard to drive you around in his "electric car".

xiamen mandarin hotel ducks mandarin electric car free ride

Mandarin has it!

Overall, I liked the training environment and included some pictures of the "training day" here with Victoria(trainer) and some colleagues.

mandarin training2 mandarin training3 mandarin training4

  • service is good
  • lunch buffet is not bad
  • the pavilions and conference centers have excellent training environments
  • loved the greenery(ex. a man-made lake) within the hotel
  • near the Metro shopping mall, the airport, the Huli public park and public bus stands.

    How to get here

    Popular Public bus routes: #’s 521, 16, 22

    Address: 101 yue hua road, Huli District, Xiamen

    Tel.: (0086)(592)- 6023333

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