Xiamen Nanputuo Temple Photo Album


The Xiamen Nanputuo Temple Photo Album page might be able to help you out with your researches and give you a glimpse about China, her temples as well as her rich culture.
Why don't you take a peek at some of the "sceneries" we have prepared for you?

Below you'll see pictures within and outside the temple. I did not personally include shots which I think is too "solemn" to be publicized in the site as we need not forget the respect that the characters, as well as the temple, in the picture stories deserve.

These are stolen shots . I apologize if ever at this time you have unexpectedly seen yourself in this Xiamen Nanputuo Photo Album page. My sole purpose is to have Internet viewers from around the globe learn more about the "deep" Chinese culture in which we are trying to promote "virtually" and digitally through the SouthChina-TravelGuide.com, and we wanted it to begin that discovery through the Xiamen Nanputuo Temple Photo Album.

Inside the Nanputuo (as you may see through the Photo Album), you'll find a unique scenery and drama.
People burn incense and meditate, stroll in the garden within the temple, feed the fishes in the ponds just outside the temple, chat with monks, climb the hill within the temple's reach going down to the other side of district, gather drinking water, wish upon rocks, throw money over the ponds and wish more luck for career, love and prosperity.

When you come to visit Xiamen or some neighboring cities of Fujian, China, please make it a point to drop by the Nanputuo temple in Xiamen. The "trip" might make your dreams come to reality.....

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Places of Interest near the Nanputuo Temple:

  • The Xiamen University
  • Mc Donald's
  • KFC
  • Public Bus Terminals going to the city center
  • Taxi stands
  • Tunnel going through the Xiamen train station and through the other side of town
  • Shopping areas for export-quality clothes and shoes
  • Bars, pubs, dormitories, flats for rent, residential and commercial buildings
  • Cantonese, Minan, Sichuan, Philippine and Western food outlets.

Popular Bus Routes: 45, 812

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