Xiamen Public Parks Photo Album

Let's do a photo compilation and call it the Xiamen Public Parks Photo Album.
There are hundreds of public parks in Xiamen where you could roam around for FREE! Get rid of those stress and have a breathe - if you're loveless, lonely, broken-hearted, bored, depressed, friendless, 'gay' and totally down, get out of your 'cage' and see the world, nobody keeps you from exploring your life, right?

Have a walk and see for yourself what you're missing in those parks and the rest of the World, you might even meet a friend and ahhemm...(the story goes on).
I personally hope to see YOU one day in those parks and have a chat while we walk or sit near my favorite, Nanhu lake, and see the egrets fly above, breathe.....

Nanhu Park

nanhu park boats nanhu park playground

xiamen nanhu park clayman

Zhongshan Park


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