Xiamen Public Parks Video Blogs

Introducing the Xiamen public parks video blogs..

Below are some short videos of Xiamen's popular public parks which happen to be, also, my personal favorites.

Most (if not all) parks have FREE admissions as well as comes with FREE use of its 'mini-gym-facilities' which is open to the public, day and night (not 24 hours).
Enjoy the view, the trees and its falling leaves, breathe fresh air, take a stroll or jog near the Yuandang lake and watch some egrets fly above blue skies and journey back home. In other words, get spoiled for FREE, and get that natural HIGH without even spending much.

Let's sum it up now:

The best time to visit these parks are during the early hours of the day, say 7:00 to 10:00 am. I don't usually go to the Songbai park on Sundays, but I do go to Nanhu park at those times, though it's a bit crowded. I just got 'addicted' to seeing the E-boats hitting water mines : ).

If you are a 'night owl' and prefer the evenings, there are occasional 'open-to-the-public dance' happening in some parks (ex.Songbai park).

NOTE Don't stroll too late or hang-out 'til dawn, as most street lights are turned off at those times - well, not unless you're going for romance ; ). Be alert at night, though!

Hope you enjoy the Xiamen public parks video blogs and keep coming back here as I would be adding more video blogs about these public parks as soon as I get to visit them.

Nanhu Park

Songbai Park

Yuandang Lake Park

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