Xiamen Public Parks

Xiamen public parks are your remedies...

Burned out after work, depressed and had a bad day that you feel like shutting your doors and windows from the world? Although Xiamen is a nice place to live, time will come that you'll be bored one day, have your ups and downs and tell yourself that it's time to leave the city or the country itself. Well don't despair, now, friend, the best free remedies for you and me are the Xiamen public parks. You would need to free yourself of all those stress to be able to continue your life and sane networking in Xiamen! Let me walk you to the public parks, have a chat and enjoy peace of mind and tell me your troubles ; )
But first, let me give an introduction with a breakdown on some of my favorite public parks in Xiamen which we're going to visit later:

Nan Hu Park

nanhu park xiamen

Nan Hu Park - fresh air, lake view, pedaled boats, greeneries, tea houses, jogging areas, kite flying (small-area only), yoga center, benches, restrooms (with convenience for the Disabled), artistic sculptures, birds, children's playground, mini gym, park music.
Hotels Nearby: Min Nan Hotel, Fu Lian Hotel
Address: Nan Hu Road, Xiamen
Popular Bus Routes: 32, 201

Song Bai Park

songbai park xiamen

Song Bai Park - tennis courts, tea houses, greeneries, jogging areas, benches, children's playground, mini-gym.
Hotels Nearby: Ramada, Best Westin and Sheraton Hotels. Also close to the Javaromas coffee shop and WIFI.
Address: Song Bai, Xiamen
Popular Bus Routes: 32, 13, 812

Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park - pedaled boats, ducks, greeneries, mini amusement areas, lake.
Hotels Nearby: Holiday Inn Harbor View
Address:Zhongshan Park, Xiamen
Popular Bus Routes: 32, 8

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