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The Xiamen Tourist Bus ( or others call it the Xiamen SightSeeing Bus) is the way to go if you want to take a quick glimpse of Xiamen City.
I've written a short page about this tourist bus which can be found on this link if you need more information about the services, departure time and places of interest close to the tourist bus' terminal. If you can't find enough information on that page, please consult with your hotels and travel agents before the bus rides.

Tourists find it "expensive" to ride the tourist bus. As an alternative for us to be able to save some monies, you and I could hop-in on a Xiamen public bus. For more information on how to take the public bus in Xiamen, get an E-tong card first, then, study and master the public bus routes and enjoy a Poor man's ride in and out of Xiamen (just like I do, daily : )=

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