Use a Xiamen travel bus card - "etong card" and save money now!

etong IC card

Are you using the Xiamen travel bus card called "etong" (see picture above) in your travels within Xiamen? If not, you're loosing a lot of those "bucks" and travel convenience! We suggest that you go get it now.
Here's why the Xiamen "etong" card could help you save money and time:

  • No need to bring along heavy and loose coins
  • Discounts of around 20% in your bus rides - (ex. for a normal air-conditioned bus travel within the city limits that costs 2.00 RMB, your one-way travel would cost you only around 1.6 RMB, a nice ROI(return on investment) in your travel budget : )
  • The "etong" card would be used in Xiamen's taxi and ferry rides (this is already in the planning phase).
  • The "etong" would also be used at POS(Point of Sales) in some stores in the future, too.
  • It is light and pocket-sized.

How and Where do you Buy the Xiamen Travel Bus Card "etong"?

china post

You could buy the "etong" from the following:

  • Post office - please refer to the picture of the e-tong card on top of this page as the e-tong logo is usually hung on the windows of the post offices.

  • The Post office (China Post) sells the "etong's" at around 130 RMB (30 RMB is included as a deposit within the total).
  • Xiamen Commercial Bank - you need to open an account in the bank before they issue a bank card which also acts as your "etong" - please ask the nearest commercial bank for details, I'm sure they have an English-speaking representative in there. Always look for the e-tong logos, they are also, usually seen near the teller windows.

What if my Xiamen Travel Bus e-tong card runs out of money?

"Charge it!" - you can deposit additional money in your e-tong card by going to any Xiamen Post Office or any Xiamen Commercial Bank branch. Look for e-tong card-signs in the bank (refer to picture at the top of this page).

Here are the steps on how to "charge" your e-tong's for a continuous, fun, Xiamen travel:

  • Bring your e-tong card or your Xiamen Commercial Bank ATM card (if you opened an account with the bank).
  • Bring along any copy of your ID or passport (just in case, but not really a neccessity).
  • Go straight to the Xiamen Commercial Bank or Xiamen Post Office
  • Show them the e-tong card (or your bank card if you have the ATM card version)
  • Show them the money! : )
  • Teller swipes your card on the reader
  • Get a receipt - your receipt has the actual transaction history on it, including the time and place of transaction, so don't lose it, you may need it when something "surprises" you : )
  • You see, you don't even need to speak Chinese or any language in that quick transaction just "wield" the e-tongs, leave the bank and enjoy your cheap Xiamen travels.

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