Xiamen University

xiamen university campus lake fujian china

The Xiamen University is one of those universities in China with a very unique and inviting campus setting. You've got to see its "inside" workings - it was beautifully set like a park.

Inside you will see a different kind of "educational environment":

  • trees, brick buildings, Chinese-style towers, a lake, greeneries, artistic sculptures
  • a hotel, dormitories and restaurants
  • a sports stadium, basketball, soccer and volleybal courts

It's the natural environment within the university which will really inspire you to successfully travel, live and finish your education in Xiamen.
We can't go on "praising" Xia Da (Chinese Pinyin name of the university), you really have to go set a date with your friends and feel what's going on in and out of the campus. You might even find yourself enrolled one day in a Chinese Language class after finding the university's educational "beauty" : )

How to get here

xiamen university china building near the entrance gates

ADDRESS: Admissions Office, Xiamen, Fujian, China, 361005

TEL: (0086-592) 218-4792, 218-6257

FAX: (0086- 592) 218-0256

Popular Public Bus Routes: # 45, 812, 1, 15

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