Xiamen Weather

xiamen moon.
xiamen storm night buildings.
xiamen storm windows.
xiamen stormy afternoons.
xiamen stormy-night clouds.
xiamen moon storm2.

Another stormy Xiamen weather.....

I fired-up my Inspiron 8500 and started to find virtual friends lurking the Net then the winds started to "touch" my window panes.

I stared at the moon from my flat's terrace that late afternoon on a Summer of July 2006.
There's nowhere to go tonight.

Had a rush feeling while 3-dimensional clouds run across the skies and the color of the clouds turned from gray, blue then bold black.

I remember the movie Independence Day and the Day After Tomorrow while the winds gush and the clouds invade and swallow each other as the stampeding egrets and wonders of Mother Nature return to their homes to find cover and shelter.

It's another stormy Xiamen weather and I wish you're with me, tonight...

Survival Tips:
  • Check the daily news in the Internet or your local TV news.
  • Stock-up on food and other goods.
  • Stock-up on drinks.
  • Ready your flashlights and batteries.
  • Have a back-up battery for your laptops, cell phones and emergency lightings.
  • Stick your local police, fire department, hospital, ambulance and friend's list of address and phone numbers on your boards.
  • Learn some important basic Mandarin for emergency purposes.
  • Have appropriate amounts of finances and cash.
  • Oil your mode of entertainment - MP3's, MP4's, DVD's, CD players.

  • Have a partner : )

Find shelter and leave this stormy Xiamen weather