Xiamen Weathers

Here are some video blogs as well as an overview about the different Xiamen weathers.
We're featuring stormy, hot, and cold seasons through short video clips or blogs as we experience them.

First, here's a climatological fact about the different Xiamen weathers we've placed in a table.
Please refer to or print it as a quick reference only.

MONTH Mean Temperature in Centigrade Mean Total Rainfall (mm) Mean Number of Rain Days
Jan 9.7 16.8 37 8
Feb 9.8 16.5 65 13
Mar 11.9 18.8 99 17
Apr 16.1 23.0 147 16
May 20.3 26.7 152 16
Jun 23.3 29.4 196 14
Jul 25.3 32.4 140 10
Aug 25.2 32.2 155 10
Sep 23.8 30.7 117 11
Oct 20.5 27.4 29 3
Nov 16.4 23.4 37 5
Dec 11.7 19.1 25 4

For more information and specific Xiamen or China weathers forecasts, please visit the:
World Weather Org
or the China Meteorological Administration. (click on the English version).

Let's start from a stormy Summer dawn as a first, quick example of the Xiamen weathers video blogs.

It gets a bit hot from June to August with some storms which usually occur during July.
If you're traveling within this season then, please prepare 'boy and girl scout' survival items - pocket monies, personal entertainment items, extra laptop, mobile phone batteries and the like.
Stack-up on some food and drinks and be prepared for some other un-expected matters, which might happen such as: brown-outs and temporary discontinuance of water supply. Brown-outs and water-supply problems are rare, but then put them on your list.

Expect strong winds and be aware of flying debris when you are out on the streets. Some 'probable' flying stuff over your heads are: street signboards and some broken trees. So, as common sense suggests it, don't go out for a family picnic at this time. : )

If you don't have your own private vehicle, then transportation is a bit difficult to find at this stormy Xiamen times.
The cabs are few but public bus is available but you need to squeeze yourself sometimes with the passengers and at times, there are only a few bus riders with you. Deposit extra monies in your E-tong cards as these cards are getting more popular and convenient within the city and the province, not only for travels, but also for personal needs and shopping.

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