Xiamen Zhongshan Road
Video Blogs ( 厦门中山路 )

The Xiamen Zhongshan road video blogs are here to show you some footages of the city's most popular road (well, personally popular, actually).
I took some very short videos of the Zhongshan road during the day and the night. You could see and hear that the night version is a bit noisy and crowded as it was recorded just right after a night after Chinese New Year (Jan. 2006) on a long, slow, but fun, stroll down the road.
What really happened was that activities at the Xiamen Zhongshan road have changed a lot! At that cold night, we (my wife Venus, who was 8 months pregnant, and two other relatives) were actually walking against the crowd on a one-way street - imagine the scenarios, perhaps you may get a clear picture of what's in store for you on your trip down the road: neon lights, cotton candy, people selling souvenirs, balloons (well, the business bureau guys grabbed balloons and cut them loose up in the air, meaning it was not allowed for sale - safety precautions for you and me on a crowded street - can't you see Xiamen is improving? : )) Ok, allow me to continue - that night the crowd got crazy for something new we noticed in Xiamen - muffins and hot coffee on the road! The muffin shop tried to attract the 'muffin crowd business population' by letting their teenage waiters and waitresses dance to pop music while serving muffins and coffee on the street - imagine the crowd, wow, I thought I was in Macau for a minute ; )

You'll bump into the night markets and street hawkers selling local and imported DVD's (software, audio and video - I know what you're thinking DUDE) and you'll be pampered by Chinese novelty items if you are a collector, this is your best bet to get that long awaited jewelry discount, lady. And for the guys, it might not be much of a party, but it is quite some strange, but wonderful South China travel experience, and I'll keep coming back to the Zhongshan road for more footages that I could upload on this Xiamen Zhongshan road video blogs page.
Anyway, that's all I have to blog about, you have to go and see for yourself the road. Ping me and let me know what you step into at that time of the day or night. Hopefully it's not a pickpocket that you bump into, now you're laughing, but really, take South China travel precautions or else, I'll get your footage and put it here on the Xiamen Zhongshan road video blogs page : )=

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