Xiamen is a Special Economic Zone (SEZ), a natural harbor and manufacturing center and is remembered as one of the earliest places in China where European commerce took place.
I won’t go into much details about the history as we would focus on the travel and life in South China. Here's a history backgrounder and some facts and figures for your quick reference(opens new page).

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This is the most ideal place to travel and live in South China

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  • Unique sceneries day and night
  • Not overcrowded
  • Clean
  • Low pollution, excellent weather
  • Low crime rate
  • Convenient transportation and telecommunications
  • Direct flights to and from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan

When is the best time to travel here?

Anytime of the year - Winter, Spring, Fall or Summer! I personally recommend September as the weather is perfect and there is a great happening on the 8th, this is the international trade show which happens yearly - you get to see unique stuff. So, make business or personal connections at this time, as this is the best opportunity to do your networking!

How to get here

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There are a lot of air travel "route" choices - direct flights from The Philippines, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, Japan, Malaysia and Macau. Whether you're coming from Europe, North America or whichever part of the world, our most recommended "route" to Xiamen is via Hong Kong. From Hong Kong, you could travel via air or long-distance bus.

Why travel via Hong Kong?

Simple: You save money! Sorry if I shouted : )

Travel to Xiamen via Hong Kong is recommended if you are originating from a non-Asian country which has no direct flight to Xiamen.

The last time me and Venus was in Hong Kong, we saw tons of advertisements on cheap air tickets from Hong Kong to Xiamen and to other parts of China. Getting the cheapest fares would depend on which travel agent you used. You can also read and learn more about the best deals, prices and what other travelers have to say about Xiamen.

TIP: If you really want to save more bucks, go take the bus. It has the added benefit of seeing how travel, life and culture interconnect within the Southern cities.
Travel by bus takes around 9 and a half hours including lunch break in a 4 or 5 star hotel, while air travel takes around 2 and a half hours including check-out formalities with Customs and Immigration.
Only take the bus if you have time for sight-seeing.

*NOTE:* There are a number of bus companies from Hong Kong which service the trip, please choose the one which goes direct and does not change buses in the Hong Kong - Shen Zhen border.

How to travel around Xiamen

Modes of Transportation:

The Travel Tools you need:
  • etong card - this is the single most important "travel card" that you need as it is very affordable and convenient - this is your travel "e-money". Click here to learn more about the "etong" card and start saving your monies
  • map (optional) - available at any bookstore or from your hotels; maps sold on the streets are mostly in Chinese.
  • pocket dictionary (optional) - bring it if you can't speak some Mandarin, make it your "visual" translator by showing the Chinese character equivalent of what you want to "express" to the locals.

Places of Interest

The International Airport

International Conference and Exhibition Center


Downtown - ZhongShan Road

Schools and Universities

Nanpuoto Temple

The Huli Shan Fort

Foreign Consulates and Embassies (including Guangzhou and other Southern China cities)


Shopping Malls and other Shopping Places

Popular Banks

Public Parks

Popular Fitness Clubs / Fitness Center, Gyms, and Spas

Cyber City (aliased as Electronics or Computer City)

Restaurants and other Hang-Outs Guide

Western restaurants, pubs, cafes and other hang-outs

Chinese restaurants

Discos and Discoteques

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