Yuandang Road Xiamen China

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The Yuandang road in Xiamen China, obviously derived its name from the popular Xiamen Yuandang lake.
You'll find a bunch of coffee shops 'mushrooming' within this area due to the view which the Yuandang lake offers its visitors and entrepreneurs. Some see the Yuandang as a business opportunity, while other travelers just view the place as another natural wonder of the city.

Take a breather and walk by the lake in the morning going towards the Bai Lu Zhou and experience this man-made natural experience.
Walk or jog the walkways by the Yuandang lake or just pass by the Yuandang road and you'll see why a large number of tourists and foreign settlers pick this spot as their favorite place to settle down and breathe.


(I wanted to share some excerpts of yours truly's, contributions to Wikitravel about Xiamen - you can find the full version here and share your own if time permits it).
You could enjoy Xiamen's unique sceneries not only in the day but also in the night. Take a breather and walk beside the Yuandang lake in the evening and you could see how Xiamen transforms into a different setting - mushrooming lighted artistic sculptures, scent of the sea, and romantic lovers by the lake. Enjoy your stroll and notice that some residential and commercial buildings even have a "battle of the lights at night" (which is actually a battle of the business) - "simple" laser and light shows which attract attention - this is some form of an "advertisement" mostly by newly opened commercial buildings and some residentials to say that their business has opened or that business is ongoing as usual. When it's time for commercial businesses and residentials to close or "sleep" in the night, the simple lights attraction can't be seen anymore - this is one of those on-going efforts of the people on energy conservation. Be sure to see these places of interest, and see what are the differences viewing them during the day and night:

  • Yuandang lake - is mystical by day and magical by night, see how the egrets flock in the day and fly for home in the night.

Walk, walk, walk, breathe, breathe, take the deepest breath, when you see egrets fly above your head or gaze above the lake, you know it's time to head for home, get 'high' with cafeine while you listen to your wifi Internet radio, just by this lake. And I'll see you there...

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