Zhongshan Road Xiamen

zhongshan road xiamen

The Zhongshan road Xiamen, is totally different now, than it was, years ago.

A lot of "views" have changed:

  • Ancient houses and alleys are becoming extinct. (pedicabs are now gone!)
  • Modern commercial buildings, retail outlets and residential buildings are mushrooming within the area.
  • Traffic speed regulation changes (ex. maximum allowed speed within the road).
  • Shopping malls are slowly replacing the street markets.

zhongshan road paintings

It's really amazing how the Xiamen Government "maintains" the road, the renovations happen almost yearly, most especially the maintenance and "facelifts" of the older buildings near the road.

There are new attractions on the road or just around Zhongshan's corners - photo galleries, trees or greeneries, and take note if you're driving - the road is now "one-way " - a great improvement compared to years back. Tourists would now have a much "wider room" to enjoy sight-seeing and shopping. I still believe that more changes and "zoning" would be done in the future, that's why you should be visiting Xiamen now before it fully modernizes and not lose the chance to see Xiamen's simple past.

How to get here

Transportation: Taxi, public bus
Popular Public Bus Routes: # 45, 32, 23, 27, 99

Places and Things

  • Banks, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, bookstores, music stores, night markets, money changers
  • Jewelries - gold, silver, pearls
  • Tea, Chinese dress and ornaments
  • Adult stores - well it's really another mushrooming business here, : ) see for yourself

TIP: Be extremely careful in your dealings with the money-changers on the streets, we strongly recommend you to do Foreign Exchange "trading" only with popular banks in the city, and more specifically, within the Zhongshan road Xiamen.
ALSO, be aware that there are a number of retail outlets which may be distributing pirated DVD's or CD's (software, audio, and movies) or street hawkers might be 'intentionally' bumping on your shoulder one time for the offer, while you scroll the streets - just wanted you to know about this - again, please use your judgement and be sensitive to these scenarios.....

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