Zhuangyuan Street, Quanzhou

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The Zhuangyuan street in Quanzhou connects you to the ancient and modern Quanzhou cultures. It was one of the best "Eye Candy" I had in Quanzhou. My wife, Venus's old folks lives just within this street, and I do a number of visits to the place within a month, well, we might bump into each other, right, hopefully one of those days :)
Before we go actually take a walk down the street, I wanted you to know that the word Zhuangyuan has the closest meaning to 'honor' or the 'best price' in English.
Start your walk from the Zhuangyuan McDonald's, get a Big Mac and bite bit by bit walking down to the Clock Tower which is the intersection of Dong Jie (East street) and Xi Jie (West street) - remember the Clock Tower, that's the area close to Colonel Saunders (KFC lives near the Clock Tower). Now, hopefully that tingles your imagination, right?
Let's go for a walk now.....

quanzhou zhuangyuan door

What's interesting about this street and the areas near it, anyway?

  • A temple within the street
  • 'Hutongs' or alleys and modern as well as folk architectures meet - stand back Beijing! We've got Harley Davidson's roaming our hutongs here : )
  • Public parks
  • Modern residential houses mushroom and mix with the folk houses and 'hutongs'
  • McDonald's
  • KFC
  • other local and western restaurants
  • supermarkets and retail shops
  • Artistic walls
  • Pubs and bars, including Internet bars.
It's really a mixture of Quanzhou's folk past and modern present.

How to get here

quanzhou hutong zhuangyuan

Transportation: Pedicabs, motorcycles, electric bikes and bicycles, taxi, public bus

Address:Downtown Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Popular Public Bus Routes: 16, 17, 32, 13

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